Studio STRRR creates a new brand, STRIKR.

Football is the world’s most popular game, captivating an audience of billions. Most of us have played football at some time of our lives and everybody knows to kick a ball.

STRIKR. now introduces the wonderful new world of Mini Adventure Footgolf. An exciting new game which combines football with another hugely popular and well-loved leisure pastime, Mini golf. By combining the two, we’ve just doubled the fun and the adventure footgolf course has been designed so that all levels of football & mini golf lovers can enjoy the game.

This thrilling new combination adds a new dimension to the meaning of fun and is a sure-fire winner for every leisure destination. Increase your footfall and revenue with this highly appealing new leisure offering!

STRIKR. adventure footgolf is designed to meet challenges for all ages! Kids, mom’s & dad’s, family & friends…

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