Giant Croc Coatrack

Croc Coatrack

A great coatrack for the kids room. This one is handmade from birch multiplex and decorated with natural paints. Oak, birch and fire wood has been used to make the discs.

KrokKapstok_AP KROK coatrackGiantCroc_Grenzeloos01 GiantCroc_Grenzeloos03

2 z-shaped frames have been attached to the back so that the coat rack can hang 7 cm from the wall. The crocodiles teeth and tail can be used as hooks to hang caps, clothes and gloves. The wooden stick which pulls out his cheek can also be used as hook.

Available in sky blue or old pink. Other colors available on request.





2 Sizes:

  • Giant KROK coat rack: 122 w x 65 h x D 7 cm (incl attachment frames). Ask for pricing.
  • Small KROK coat rack: 92 w x  50 h x D 7 cm (incl attachment frames)
    Ask for pricing.

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