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Mocinno International – The hospitality Management Company

We are proud to be partner of Mocinno International is a company that creates partnerships and develops luxury and premium hospitality brands.

Two entrepreneurs, eager to develop luxury and premium brands, founded the company in 2006, in Copenhagen, Denmark. It started with a dusty antique store in need of growth and a Swedish product that wanted to get into the hotel industry. Now Mocinno has developed into a niche company, focused on developing luxury Hotel & Spa concepts and brands with selected and extremely knowledgeable global partners.

Mocinno International focuses on guiding your product, hotel or brand through a natural process of development, with the objective to grow marginally and gain market share.

Design Hotel Supplies – The One Stop Shop for Hospitality

Design Hotel Supplies is a division of the Mocinno International company that represents designer brands, both small and large into Hotels & Spa delivering the entire brand and marketing platform, as well as creation of sales, through agents worldwide.

Our clients vary from large international hotel chains, like Westin, Sheraton, W and Intercontintental Hotels, as well as many independent hotels, based all over the world.

Boomhut; The Crazy Construction Company

Our partner in building Treehuts, cabins & play units is The Crazy Construction Company; They create sustainable, safe and attractive treehouses, play units and outdoor rooms for you and your family to fully enjoy the outdoors. is specialized in building challenging treehouses, play units and comfortable outdoor living spaces, but our expertise guarantees a high quality construction of every design thinkable. Whether it’s got to be robust and sturdy or modern and minimalistic, with our experience of many years we will build you the outdoor space of your dreams. is passionate about their job and thrilled to be able to create these places where man and nature can enjoy each other’s company in harmony.

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