Play and Care Concept

The Play & Care Community

We have created a unique concept where children can help other children simply by playing.

The play can take place either in an active form with our unique fish playing unit with climbing, sliding and swinging or through smart digital playing on a small fish touch screen table.

Fish Play and Care CabinFish Play and Care Table

All the energy created by both forms of play will be measured and turned into credits which will be translated into money by sponsors and used to create more play units worldwide or funds for medical research.

Our Mission

The goal of Play & Care is to bring some fun and colour into the often sterile hospital environment and make children healthier, happier, wiser. At the same time we aim to connect kids globally and bring a little comfort and relief by sharing experiences & gathering knowledge about their diseases. This knowledge will be hosted on a member based community platform called “The Knowledge Platform”. Children and parents can communicate with each other here and gain access to an endless source of valuable information provided by a large variety of contributors.

If you think you can help strengthen our project by becoming a partner or are interested in a great investment opportunity? Just get in touch!


Kids Club & Playground Development

Stoerrr is a Design agency that creates a total package of indoor and outdoor Family Leisure Environments for a diversity of clients using storytelling, imagination, visualisation & realisation. Stoerrr Kids Concepts has years of experience working with leading experts in the field of pedagogy, architecture, interior and playgrounds.

Our services include; Story writing, Strategic Concept Development (including feasibility studies), Area Leisure & Activity Development, Architecture & Interior Design, Playground & Playscape Design & Visualisations. We know how to create stunning play areas and playgrounds that are safe, engaging and a lot of fun. We know how to engage families and how to built & increase your revenue by play!


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