Rooftop Playshapes

Wooden Toy Rooftop Playshapes

Rooftop Playshapes are made from wood and painted with eco friendly paint in natural prime colours. Each set consists of 3x small house shapes, 3x large house shapes, 2 roofs red, 2 roofs yellow and 2 roofs blue. They are perfect for stimulating the minds of young children and allow them to play, build and create. Perfect to use in Hotel Family room & suit…or to be created in the wooden workshop area by children themselves in the kids club.

‘I wanted to create a typical house shape that also provided a lot more different options to kids. A good example of this is the roof that can be taken off from the base and repositioned to create new shapes and designs. I hope that this can help kids look at buildings in a different way and that they can see that there are many more possibilities available than just the standard house..’ – says Koen Crommentuijn.

Measurements of a complete house are;
w 7,5 x H 10 x D 5,75 cm

Contact us for possibilities, such as a special gift for your little guest…

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