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Creation services studio – Kids Concepts

Stoerrr is a creation services studio that designs and develops Kids Clubs & Leisure Concepts for hotels, hospitals and Real Estate Developers using storytelling, imagination & visualisation. Stoerrr – Kids Concepts has years of experience working with leading experts in the field of pedagogy, architecture, interior design & playground design. We know how to create stunning play areas and playgrounds that are safe, engaging and a lot of fun. Our partner Mocinno is a well established Hospitality Management Company. Together we create custom made solutions for hotels and resorts that can produce stunningly effective results.

Total Project Management
We work with a team of leading experts in the fields of pedagogy, education, design, architecture, contractors, branding and marketing to deliver custom made solutions for family hospitality projects.

We are continuously looking to expand and improve our services, so if you think your service or products could be suitable for us please email us at

Stoerrr creates also strikingly unique products, each with their own story to tell. Stories that stem from Koen’s own experiences, memories, fantasies and feelings. Like the “Stoerrr Playblocks”, the“Rooftop Playshapes” & Lily Leaf Playmats or the Dragon Play Unit (picture below), all 
playful objects designed to stimulate the imagination and motorical development of kids in a cool and playful way.

Concept Creation

All great kids areas start with a great idea. A strong concept with a potent sense of story telling.

Stoerrr can create the concept that will turn any Kids area into an unforgettable experience for both children and parents.
We can incorporate all age groups into the concept to ensure fun and satisfaction for all the family.

For all concept creation projects Stoerrr delivers;

  • a pdf document with a strong concept
  • a moodboard
  • a detailed description of the concept and how it should be implemented into your Kids Club.
For projects including concept creation, design work and product selection a flat fee can be arranged.

Like to work with our Studio? Just let us know, we are all ears…

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