The Dragon Adventure Play Unit

The Story

The Emerald glow in his eyes…

The Dragon has had his power stolen by the wizard. The Emerald glow in his eyes has gone out. In order to help the Dragon regain his power children must play the game and complete the course. The energy created by the kids will then restore the Emeralds back to the dragon and relight his power. Their energy and intelligence will be rewarded by Dragon Points which can be traded for a treat, such as a free Dragon dessert in the Hotel Restaurant.

Digital and physical playground elements

The Dragon Emerald Game

Children will get an explanation of the dragon game at reception. We implement dragon’s feet on the floor of the kids club so they can follow those to get to the dragon Room. Children must first make their way through the dragon maze and find the Emerald there. Once they touch the Emerald they will wake the dragon from its sleep and hear its roar. After completing the maze, they must climb onto the dragon and use the different play elements to get inside the mouth of the dragon. By sliding out of its jaws they will make the dragon’s emerald eyes light up, just like in the old legend! Every child that completes the mission will get a special treat when they eat at the hotel restaurant with their parents, a free Dragon ice cream!

Sustainable Eye-catcher

The Dragon playing unit is the star attraction of the Dragon area and is suitable for a wide range of kids, mainly for the ages of 2 to 12.
The dragon has been designed in separate modules to allow for easy transportation and fast installation. It has been designed to the most stringent European safety standards, It is made up of a head with a slide, a tail with triangular elements that can be joined together, 2 arms with claws and an extra loose tail in the form of soft playing blocks. The entire dragon is made from sustainable composite wood and all paints used are child and eco-friendly.

The Physical Play Elements

The game involves several different forms of play, such as a climbing net, climbing ropes, a balancing plate with springs underneath to allow movement on the claws. a horizontal bar on the left arm and of course the slide that comes out of the Dragon’s jaws.

Different playing elements are fixed to the dragon playing unit, such as the balancing plates with springs underneath (For movement) in different colours on the claws, climbing ropes on the right arm and the horizontal bar left arm

Kids can climb inside the tail and get into the mouth of the dragon.

Kids can swing through the middle of the horizontal bar
fixed in the arch of the left arm.

Kids can climb using 2 or 3 ropes

The Dragon’s Den Play area

The Dragon playing unit is the final part of the Dragon adventure game that takes place in the Dragon’s Den Play area.

Kids Club & Playground Development

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Our services include; Story writing, Strategic Concept Development (including feasibility studies), Area Leisure & Activity Development, Architecture & Interior Design, Playground & Playscape Design & Visualisations. We know how to create stunning play areas and playgrounds that are safe, engaging and a lot of fun. We know how to engage families and how to built & increase your revenue by play!


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