Microlab Maker Reporter #37 – Studio Stoerrr

Studio Stoerrr in an elevator

Koen and Carl

I studied at the Art Academy in Maastricht, The Netherlands. Since the birth of my children, I started thinking about developing toys for children. I was annoyed regarding PVC indoor playgrounds and its ball boxes. It was only meant for children, parents were eating chips in a plastic chair.

In 2005 I came up with design play blocks, in a system of 12 blocks, enlarged to lightweight mega blocks. Our daughter, Pine at the time two years old, was able to stack, build and play with it. Then I started design Studio Papas together with Marjan Verboeket. We came up with interior concepts and products for children and families.

In 2011 we decided to go our own way. I started Stoerrr. Initially, I mainly designed and made furniture myself. The hotel sector was enthusiastic about the play blocks and as a result of that we got requests to deliver the play blocks for their kids play areas. The first hotel we designed the interior was blooming hotel in Bergen. They wanted to convert a fitness room into a playroom. That was a very successful challenge.

Later that year I ran into an old acquaintance, Carl Mills, with a background in marketing and working as a copywriter / storyteller. We followed each other on facebook. He saw what I was doing, became enthusiastic and we decided to work together. Carl has an English background, which made us think internationally and we also received more and more requests from abroad through our website. The first international application was for a resort from the Maldives. We went looking for products for their indoor kids club for this customer. Carl and I both worked from home. As a result, my garage was full of stuff, Kids products, that had to go to the Maldives, which was then picked up with a sea container to be transported via Rotterdam to the port in Male. Our first international assignment finalised successful!

We thought of a strong fundament of our work should be based on stories and therefore we started with storytelling and concept development. Working from the concept towards a design for family spaces in hotels. Looking at indoor and outdoor hotel play areas in a different way from creativity and sustainability point of view. This turned out to be a gap in the market! We now work for exclusive hotels, including Marriott International, St. Regis, Regent Hotels & Resorts. We are currently developing a indoor and outdoor strategic plan for an High-end Eco Wellness Resort in Portugal, among others. We also develop a family concept (indoor as well as outdoor) for JW Marriott worldwide.

We have been moved to Microlab since November 2019. This suits us very well! Even during Corona crisis, I preferred to be at the office. There was hardly anyone. I often take the stairs to floor six. My aim is to play more, also for adults. This gave me the idea to convert an elevator shaft into a climbing tower.

@Microlabeindhoven – Community Space

We would like to start an innovation group leisure & hospitality within Microlab for companies with the target group families. We want to brainstorm in a broad way about developing new concepts, products and services for the family leisure & hospitality market.

Who dares to take the elevator with us? Come to floor 6, at the back right corner, or send an email: info@stoerrr.nl

View Eindhoven City – Photography credits; Eddie Mol

Team Stoerrr
Koen & Carl

Visiting Office at Microlab
Studio Stoerrr
Floor 6
Kastanjelaan 400
5616 LZ Eindhoven
The Netherlands

Maker Reporter at Microlab
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