Kids Club Development & Design

Kids Club & playground design based on Storytelling

Can we help you? Stoerrr assist customers to develop kids concepts and translates this in unique designs for the hospitality sector.

Design Services Studio Stoerrr

Studio Stoerrr designs Creative Concepts based on story telling, we create everlasting memories for your guests and staff.

Our design services include;

  • Concept Creation
    Creative idealization for architectural and spatial design kids & family environments, playgrounds, custom play units & mascots using storytelling as a guide and creating an identity for the kids club and play spaces.
Concept creation by sketching
  • Architecture
    Building concepts & design for kids, families in the hospitality sector. Create Playful, livable, recreational and workable connections & functions for the guests & staff.
Inspirational & playful buildings
  • Interior Design
    Spatial design play spaces & family rooms, integration different age groups kids club, teen club, kids & parents areas. A connection to be made with other areas such as lobby, restaurant, pool, outdoor spaces.
Lay out view Kids Club Space
  • Playground Concepts
    Outdoor & indoor Playground design, Playscapes, integration different age groups; kids, teens, parents, other guests who like to play, office playgrounds – play for a healthier workspace.
Lay out & section view 700m2 Playground
  • Play Unit Design
    Custom design of Playful objects & Play Art for different age groups by using Storytelling & Concept creation part of a playground or solitary in public spaces, hotels, resorts, schools, kindergartens, museums, airports, shopping malls etc.
Play unit Design of The Adventure Dragon
  • Mascot Design
    Graphic design & illustration, Kids Club brand identity creation by using Story telling & Concept Creation
Illustration of the Wise Tortoise, a kids club mascot

Studio Stoerrr designs spaces where people are coming to play. We design for Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, Hospitals, Schools, Kindergartens & Museums, Playful Offices and other sectors. Let us know what your following project will be.

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