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  • The Botania Playground
    The perfect combination where storytelling meets design The brief: Turn an old and faded playground with an iron dragon climbing unit into a new modern playground, using the old George and the Dragon legend as a starting point of the concept and make storytelling prominent within the design. See here the pre-concept story & visuals… The result: The Botania Playground
  • The Stoerrr story for sustainable furniture begins!
    While designing a kids club space for a hotel client, Stoerrr found that sourcing stylish and sustainable furniture was difficult. So they decided to design their own line of cool, biodegradable, circular (play) furniture. They set up a team to develop this together with Ralph Dost from Hemp Studio, Olivier Gossink from | Bio-3D printing, Pepijn Duijvestein from New Economy  / UPSIDE CLUB and Marieke Kamphuis from The Substitute. Step 1 in the master plan was obtaining financing . Thanks to the grant from the Circular Chain Projects of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management the dream is now becoming reality. Each piece of furniture comes with its own unique … Read more
  • Adventure Mini Golf & E-Jeep Safari
    We like that our leisure environments & playgrounds not only to be enjoyed by children, but also to have that artistic element, so that both children and parents, adults can enjoy, that remain in the memory of the vacationer. It will also strengthen it’s position of the hospitality brand. This way, higher return levels will be achieved. Studio STRRR designed Arty Golf courses for Roompot park Klein Vink: The Foxes’ Gate golf course (starting point of the adventure golf), the Beaver track golf course, but also the Tankstation & the Observatory drive through for the Electronic Jeep Safari for children. … Read more
  • Shopping mall Playground “De Speelkade”
    Studio STRRR to restyle playground in shopping mall “Koningshoek” The popular shopping mall Koningshoek in Maassluis has asked Studio STRRR to revamp its indoor play area. Studio STRRR has created the concept “Speelkade” that will reflect the areas past heritage within the play area and at the same time also create a pleasant social meeting place for parents. A renewal of greenery, decorations and shopping mall seating are also part of the project, adding extra comfort to the Koningshoek shopping experience. “De Speelkade” – Play platform – Play ribbon – Crane Light – old Maassluis photographs
  • Biobased Circular Kids & Family Furniture
    A little over 10 years ago I (Koen Crommentuijn) started to make a cupboard from biobased materials. I felt I really had to make this cabinet for a nursery, because of my feelings about toxic outflow of, among other things, Formaldehyde from plywood & sheet material. I thought that children were our future, so I wanted a product with minimal emissions. I was looking for a biobased sheet material and then came across Ecoboard – a sheet made of straw, an alternative to MDF and finished with Auro, then one of the few eco paints on the market from Germany. … Read more
  • Bouldering your way to the hotel room
    In the category: Creative new ideas Would you like to climb to your Hotel room? When you are visiting a family hotel in the City Center, it would be awesome to check in and bouldering your way to your room or suite…together with your family or friends perhaps. A climbing wall positioned by the check-in desk directly in the lobby. This could be the next thing in combining leisure with pleasure. Be active, playful and have a healthy lifestyle all the way… #playhotel #healthy #lifestyle #sustainability #hospitality #leisure #playground #family #hotel #travel #newidea #studioSTRRR
  • The Wave – a pool activity experience
    PART OF THE WATERWOLF PROJECT The WATERWOLF PROJECT AIMES TO stimulate children, adolescence & elderly to play & sport more by participating in diverse physical activities. By creating the Wave we stimulate those physical activities by a physical design object & developing new physical activities in combination with “online” games played by the pool. So we connect the physical environment with online gaming and creating an immersive element to the pool. Innovation by participating a tender Erik; “Do you have the time and energy to participate? I have seen a very nice project to improve the swimming and playing experience … Read more
  • “Behind the hilltops” – Family Hotel & Leisure Development Project
    Studio Stoerrr has joined a great project. A tender for a total concept for a 5 star resort in Madeira, to redevelop a plot of 16 hectare. The Hotel building, the lobby, accommodations, restaurants, pools, SPA, the Marina, outdoor area’s and of course lots of leisure and family fun indoor as well as outdoor. We’re broadening our horizons with our team and now buried deep in our dreams and concepts for this exciting new venture on the beautiful island of Madeira. The services we offer; Strategy & Analyses Revenue Development Total Concept Development Hotel included Leisure facility & activity development … Read more

Kids Club & Playground Development

Stoerrr is a Design agency that creates a total package of indoor and outdoor Family Leisure Environments for a diversity of clients using storytelling, imagination, visualisation & realisation. Stoerrr Kids Concepts has years of experience working with leading experts in the field of pedagogy, architecture, interior and playgrounds.

Our services include; Story writing, Strategic Concept Development (including feasibility studies), Area Leisure & Activity Development, Architecture & Interior Design, Playground & Playscape Design & Visualisations. We know how to create stunning play areas and playgrounds that are safe, engaging and a lot of fun. We know how to engage families and how to built & increase your revenue by play!


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