Club Bioo, the Nature Kids Club

Nature Kids Club based on Biophilic Design – For the Love of Nature


We know now that more people live in cities than in rural areas. A lot of children don’t grow up with natural surroundings or at least within a green environment, they grow up among bricks. It’s up to us to do something about it. We have to educate people on a subtle way. So that a connection with nature will increase the population of happy and healthy children and therefor to have happy and healthy grown ups later on.

Biophilia = “Love For Life”

Everbody feels good in a natural setting, whether this be by the sea or in the woods. Nature soothes, calms and revitalizes. A Biophilic Design, inspired by nature, with enough natural light, dust free and fresh air climate control and soothing colour schemes can greatly increase a child ‘s sense of well being and their capacity to take in and learn from new experiences.

Club Bioo’s interior has a strong biophilic, natural design. All materials and colours used will be in line with this.

Ingredients for a thoughtful biophilic design for both indoors and outdoors:

  • Bioo – Furniture to Play; toys, play objects and furniture made from sustainable eco & renewable materials (on the way to a circular economy)
  • LED lighting
  • Recycled/Upcycled carpeting
  • Built forms that resemble the organic
  • Create sensory environments that challenges the intellect
  • Develop an exploratory and a discovery environment
  • Make a connection indoors with outdoor – by activity/leisure development and total design of its interior and exterior
  • Enough Day light & Fresh air
  • Sustainably Managed forest wood (FSC)
  • Toxic Free natural paints
  • Incorporation of real plants, incorporation of a greenhouse or greenery with herbs, fruits and veggies.

Club Bioo Mascot

Club Bioo is a fun place where kids and their families can spend time enjoying nature and learning new ways to live in harmony with our Earth! Kids can hang out here and really connect with their natural surroundings.

Link indoor with outdoor

To create this affinity with nature we will  always link the interior of a Kids club to an outdoor environment or playground. We design Kids Clubs with an eco, nature and biophilic approach. That means we will implement real nature in the interior & play environment of a hotel Kids Club and use natural materials or materials with eco & safe certificate. All products are sourced from their eco certificate such as Cradle to Cradle or other Eco certificates.

Eco elements

Everything that we design will feature nature friendly and eco elements. From the interior and exterior play units, to workshop products and design products for interior design. It has been scientifically proven that humans need nature or a natural environment to be more happy and healthy, as this frees a lot endorphins which create happiness.  As we also believe in our responsibility to help create physically healthier children, we also add a playful and fun sports and exercise element to our kids club and link this to exciting Outdoor Leisure concepts.

Outdoor Leisure Concept

Tree-athlon – Nature Leisure Activitiespart of Club Bioo

Tree-athlon – a fun and exciting outdoor game that connects children and parents directly to nature.

It’s a great way for the whole family to enjoy an activate and educational day outdoors. To experience nature, using all their senses. To see, smell, taste, hear and really feel the beauty of their environment. Tree-athlon is a fun tour of the environment, with a guide and a fun game element. Guests can learn about the Eco-Hotel’s environment and complete simple missions. Kids and parents follow a route in nature where they have to use all their senses to find out the right answers. Using all your senses really frees a lot of endorphins which create an intense feeling of happiness.

It also combines exercise, education and entertainment, which all parents will think is a perfect combination. The objectives are to entertain, enlighten and create amazing experiences and unforgettable holiday memories. Guests can choose from different routes – locations and also between walking, a guided Nature Parkour (with tree climbing – branch hanging), mountain bike riding and even horseback riding.

There can also be a version for the sea environment where local fisherman take out families on the water and guests can learn about the sea life. They can even catch their own dinner and learn to cook it local style back at the resort. Tree-athlon would also create work for people living in the region, who would act as tour guides.

The Nature Kids Club Treeatlon

Our activity programs get kids outside, discovering lifelong skills, exploring new activities and connecting with nature.

Club Bioo is a new brand of Stoerrr Kids Concepts, if you like to know more about integrating Club Bioo within your hospitality business, drop us a line and we tell you more about it.

Let us know what your next family leisure project, kids club or playground will be…Club Bioo 😉

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Our services include; Story writing, Strategic Concept Development (including feasibility studies), Area Leisure & Activity Development, Architecture & Interior Design, Playground & Playscape Design & Visualisations. We know how to create stunning play areas and playgrounds that are safe, engaging and a lot of fun. We know how to engage families and how to built & increase your revenue by play!


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