Corporate Flow Playground

Move. Play. Work & live in Flow!

Move & Play as a daily habit in your office.
Xplore connection with yourself, your colleagues and others.
Xperience your peak performance and boost productivity and innovation power.
Xpress your creativity, your talents, health and happiness.
Work & Live in Flow!

Office (re)design

Our team of designers, architects, engineers, artists and move & play specialists can help you turn your current or new office into a Corporate Flow Playground. Ready to support your employees to move & play as a daily habit. Work in flow in healthy workplace.

Move & Play Objects

We designed a range of objects that invites people to move & play at the workplace as a daily habit. From quite simple tools to use for daily play and movements to a really nice eye catcher for your office. You can choose for standard or customized solutions.

Move & Play House

The Move & Play House invites workers to move more. Relaxation by effort! Optimized for many exercises for everybody.

Play Rock

Perfect for stretching and keeping your strength. And a beautiful object for your office.

Wall of Support

The Wall of Support provides privacy and can support in different ways in move & play activities.

Power Trees

Because chronic stress leads to inflammation, depression and affects your sleep, it’s important to take steps to relieve your stress. Hitting a punching bag is a great way to relieve stress.

More information about Corporate Flow Playgrounds and what the possibilities are regarding Office (re)design, Corporate Move and Play Objects contact us…

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