Studio STRRR – Concept Development and Design services

Creation Services Studio – Family and Kids Leisure Concepts for Hotels and Resorts

STRRR (Stoerrr) is a Design agency that creates a total package of indoor and outdoor Family Leisure Environments for hotels and resorts using storytelling, imagination, visualisation & realisation. Studio STRRR has years of experience working with leading experts in the field of pedagogy, architecture, interior and playgrounds. Our services include; Strategic Concept Development (including feasibility studies), Area Leisure Development, Architecture, Interior Design, Playground & Playscape design, Graphic design & Illustrations. We know how to create stunning play areas and playgrounds that are safe, engaging and a lot of fun. Our partners World Wide Kids & Mocinno are well established Childcare & Hospitality Management Companies. Together we create custom made solutions for hotels and resorts that can produce stunningly effective results.

Chalk oven vacation huts – Glamping park – inspired by 20th century chalk ovens

Hospitality & Leisure Concept Development & Design

Feel free to contact us to develop your hospitality and leisure projects with our

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