Children’s Country Club Concept – Eco Hotel Na Praia – Troia – Portugal

Family Leisure Consultancy for Eco Hotel Na Praia

Happiness is simplicity done well. Enjoying the pure, natural and basic things in life. Being together as a family. Spending time connecting, in a beautiful and peaceful environment, where you can really distress, unwind and recuperate.  Free of the overbearing stimulants of modern society. Getting back to what really matters. Being out in the fresh air, moving, creating, imagining and tasting life as it should really be. Being one with nature. Being one as a family. Making magical memories that will last forever and bring different generations together. Find out what the ‘Secret treasure of Europe’ has to offer.

Concept development

First steps of activity ideas

Set out the route

To create a concept for kids & family experiences which can be applied to all family areas of Hotel Na Praia and which encompasses all the ideology, principles and elements which reflect the spirit of this resort.

Key Elements

§ Multi-generational travel.
     Enjoying time together as family with all generations.

§ Create a fun an unforgettable holiday experience for families

§ Nature. Be inspired by the simple beauty of nature.

§ Active Play / Creative Play / Smart learning/ Healthy eating

§ Warm welcome for guests and restoration of body, mind and soul

§ Show and teach respect for the environment around us

§ Provide a joyful and uplifting experience.

§ The sea, river and wildlife and dunes.

Important elements to develop

§ Create extra creativity and offer an educational, enriching experience

§ Educate kids about sustainability and the local cultures they are visiting and interact with nature

§ Create storytelling experiences to escape from normal life

§ Local heritage; Fishing, rice, salt, wildlife, ecology


Design elements used at a later stage to create the actual family spaces should be in line with the main values included in the concept. This way the actual space creation will be a smooth and logical continuation of this new concept.

Design elements that tie to the concept

§ Connection to nature

§ Serenity

§ Warmth of touch

§ A sense of awe and inspiration

Kids Club Concept: Clube Passarinhos

Little birds
[noun] a young bird ready to fly.

Comporta is famed for its large and beautiful variety of birdlife. From the iconic stork to the colourful kingfisher. The area surrounding Hotel Na Praia is a paradise for bird lovers, with herons, eagles, flamingos and griffons to name but a few. Birds that symbolise freedom. To play. Explore. Learn and grow. Just like a child should. At Clube Passarinhos children get precisely this freedom and space to try new things. To learn how to ride a horse, surf in the sea, explore the stunning sand dune surroundings. Here they can have the adventure of a lifetime which they’ll never forget and gain the confidence and knowledge they need to be able to spread their wings and immerse themselves in fun, creativity, play, culture be creative.

The activity programme provided will also be flexible in nature, so children can easily put together their own daily programme as it suits them and have the freedom to determine exactly how their own holiday will look. It’s the perfect place for children to get fitter both by games, exercise, fun sports and amazing healthy food and be stimulated by new experiences, cultures, a lot of fun and interaction with family and friends.

Birds also represent intelligence, diligence and are great family creatures. At Clube Passarinhos our youngest guests can let go all their worries and let their spirits soar by exploring new activities and forms of natural fun play they no longer encounter in their usual busy city life.

Emphasis: Nature, fun, wildlife, adventure, freedom, balance, nature, relaxation, ecology. Identity: Positivity, serene and inspirational.

Outdoor Play & Activity area’s

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