Secret Play Garden Marriott Hotel Romazzino – Italy


Nestled along Sardinia’s fabled Costa Smeralda, the alluring Hotel Romazzino is situated on a lush
hillside overlooking a sheltered bay with sandy beaches. Opulent gardens scented with wildflowers flow to the pristine shores of the Mediterranean. With an inviting translucent sea famed for its sailing
and diving, the Hotel Romazzino is renowned for its endless water play and immaculate beaches.

Nature has a positive effect on people. Whether you are young or old, we all love being outside and love being surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Hotel Romazzino is famed for its gorgeous gardens with wild flowers and the grounds of the hotel play a major part in creating a stunning surrounding for guests to relax in. 

In the secret garden there are no rules….well only a few. You must play, have fun and laugh every day!

The Secret Garden playground is a place where children can relax, socialize and have fun, in the most beautiful of  surroundings. The playground has been designed to look like a wild garden.

It’s also a place that’s truly their own. A place where the emphasis is on fun, but where kids can also learn more about the natural environment of Sardinia in a fun way. 

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