Storyline & Public Playground Development

The Story

The lost colors of the Chameleon

There is a very special animal that has almost magical gifts and can change itself in beautiful colors when it is very happy. He is beautiful, smart and very resourceful. Yes, it seemed like he really had it all together. He lived in a nice place with lots of friends that he played with every day. He was very happy and radiant with his wonderful colors. On a clear day the animal walked quietly through the green forest and looked around with satisfaction and felt the sun shining warmly on his face.

But suddenly a dark cloud swept by. And then another and another. The once bright blue sky quickly turned into an inky black sea. The wind started to blow harder and rain changed from soft drops to a flowing river. Lightning flashed and thunder roared through the area and the critter now began to tremble with fear. In the distance, the animal saw something coming. It seemed like a spinning top that dragged everything along with it. It got closer and closer and the critter started to run as fast as he could, but it was too late. The whirlwind picked him up, lifted him high into the air and blew him far, far away. It felt like an eternity as he flew through the clouds, but then he fell back to the ground with a bang and everything went black in his head. When he opened his eyes everything was different. It seemed as if all the colors had been wiped out of the world. Everything was gray. dark, black and gray. “Where am I” thought the beast. “I really don’t want to stay here.” He was very sad and tried to cheer himself up with his own colours, but to his surprise he saw that he had run out of colours. Without his colours, he was lost! The creature immediately decided that he had to leave quickly and find his colors again. So he began a long search. Time and time again he came to a new place, but time and time again the sad creature looked around and sighed. No, his colors weren’t here either. He had been looking for a long time now, but he couldn’t find them. But the beast did not give up and continued. “I’m going to succeed! I just know. One day I will find them again!” After 1000 days of travelling, he was exhausted. He rested for a while and fell asleep. When the rays of the morning sun woke him up, he opened his eyes again. “Wow, where am I? This is beautiful. This is a very special place. Maybe I’ll find my colors here.

The Playground with the Chameleon

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