Treasures of the desert Kids – Zulal Wellness Resort – Qatar

Knooz Al Sahraa

Studio Stoerrr developed the concept & designed the interior of the Treasures of the desert kids for Zulal Wellness Resort – Qatar

Chiva-Som is opening a first-class wellness resort in Khasooma Qatar that will offer the highest international service standards rooted in traditional Qatari hospitality. It’s located on the coast in northern Qatar and is called Zulal, meaning clear water. The resort will be a unique wellness destination which caters both to adults only guests and to families with their children and wants to deliver family and kids activities in a safe environment to promote key wellness criteria.

Strong identity aligned with Zulal theme

As the new concept has to appeal to all ages , it must be embraced heartily by all guests, but also be understood easily. The name and brand imagery for the family concept should be in line with the existing Zulal brand, instantly recognizable, memorable and leave a lasting impact.

The four creatures for Knooz Al Sahraa

4 Characters to guide through the Kids Club

Ali, a ten-year-old boy is travelling through the desert with his sister and parents, on their way to visit relatives. The journey is long and hard…

Just when all seems lost, they hear a sound above them. It’s a bird who flies down and speaks to the family. “ I am the falcon and can see for miles and miles ahead. Let me be your eyes and give you the vision to get to a safe place!”  Feeling relieved and optimistic, they follow the Falcon through the desert, but soon the children become weary. The father carries them for as long as he can, but after a while becomes tired too. Just as his strength is sapping a large antelope like creature appears. “ I am the Oryx, famed for my strength and stamina. Let me help you through the desert. Climb on my back and let me give you the power to continue. ”Ali and his sister do this and together with the strength of the Oryx and vision of the falcon they lead the family to a magical place full of shade, plants, trees and water.“…the story continues…

Treasures of the Desert Kids – Lay out Plan

The Falcon
symbolizing wisdom, vision, luck and success.

Studio space – yoga, meditation, fitness
Studio space – seating area – view at Critter gym
Critter Gym in Falcon Studio

The Oryx
Symbolizes strength, endurance, resilience and skills of survival.

Oryx Workshop – Arts & Crafts Atelier

The Sand Fox
Symbolizing intelligence, playfulness, charm and transformation in a positive sense.

Foxes Den play area

The Desert hedgehog
Symbolizing calmness, happiness and positivity.

Hedgehog Nursery – sleep area, play & changing facility
Sleeping area
Hedgehog Nursery
Secure play “Mangrove Hut” play area
Nursery changing room, on the left a hedgehog toddler crawl hole to the hedgehog den


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