Stoerrr - Kids Concepts

Stoerrr is designing a new Kids Club Concept for Vinpearl Hotels & Resorts Vietnam

Every child loves to play and every child loves a good story!

The Story starts with a young boy Po, who is exploring his talents, the Tree of Wisdom is giving him the answer…

We are in the process of designing a Kids Club Concept for Vinpearl Hotels and Resorts (VinGroup) in Vietnam. Stoerrr – Kids Concepts uses storytelling to develop new concepts in the leisure and hospitality sector. We are using natural elements to strengthen this Concept Story.

This Kids Club will be an activity & talent center with lots of workshops such as Perfomance, Arts & Crafts, Cooking workshops and of course there will be a Playground.

Do you want to know more about this Concept and the Story of Po? We understand the need to distinguish from others…

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Stoerrr created the “Only for kids” room

Blooming Kids Club   

Custom design: the Lily leaf playmats for the swimming pool

The Whole 9 Yards Kids Club – a new way to play

The Kids Club of the Future

The Whole 9 Yards – Kids Club is every parents dream come true. It’s a safe and fun place for their kids to play, learn and relax, but  also has all the ingredients that are important for nurturing a child’s development. The play area has been carefully designed to provide a perfect balance between entertainment, exercise and relaxation, offering only healthy, nutritious food and using playful learning techniques to teach the children cool new things about the locations local culture and customs. It’s also a magical place where children can create their own little worlds and let their imaginations run wild.

The Whole 9 Yards Kids Club has 3 areas, each addressing a specific requirement.

  • The Field of Dreams (Junior) is where the children can let their hair down and get their daily dose of exercise whilst playing.
  • The Tree of wisdom is where they will come into contact with  innovative new ways to stimulate their thinking and creativity and
  • The Lounge Library is a cool chill place where they can relax, enjoy healthy snacks and read.

Each area also has different activities that appeal to separate age groups 4-8 & 8-12.

Parents can rest assured that at The Whole 9 Yards they can leave the kids in safe, experienced hands, knowing the children will have the time of their lives, allowing mum and dad to get that seriously welcome relax time.

The Lounge Library, especially designed for The Whole 9 Yards Kids Clubs – indoor as well as outdoor use

The Field of Dreams – Athletic Gym

The Field of Dreams is the ultimate sports play area for kids up to 13 years old. Designed with one thing in mind. To energise children in a playful way, so that they get the daily exercise they need. With obesity and diabetes figures on the rise amongst young children, a good diet and lots of movement are essential.

With The Field Of Dreams we have combined great design, entertainment and the right combination of play units to ensure kids of all ages can enjoy sports in an exciting and cool new way; Healthy Play. Climbing walls, trampolines, gymnastic ropes and rings ensure that even the most energetic of kids will get their fill here and our younger guests can enjoy racing with skelter cars along the colorful tracetrack. In this great new arena of fun kids will get all the exercise they need and have time of their lives while doing so!

Studio Stoerrr is a design studio with many years of experience in concept & design development. The company started their innovations for kids by using a combination of skill, knowledge and the amazing learning curve of kids themselves. The team at Stoerrr now develops advanced Kids solutions for Hotels, Hospitals, Restaurants and public places, like gyms and fitness centres. Together with Mocinno International we welcome you to the most advanced Kids specialists available, who will make sure that you can keep all the promises you make to the little ones & Teens!