Giant Play Bug (Insect) Hotel

Studio STRRR designs Giant Play Bug / Insect Hotel to stimulate active learning through role play.

Giant Play Bug Hotel indoor & outdoor
Giant Play Bug Hotel

We all know and love bug hotels which provide a warm welcome for all kinds of lovely insect guests. These wonderful structures allow kids to get to see insects up close and learn more about the little creatures in a fun playful way. More and more schools are using them to teach kids to be respectful towards nature and to appreciate wildlife in an outdoor setting.

Giant Play Bug Hotel indoor & outdoor

Studio STRRR has taken things a step further and has designed a spectacular giant bug hotel play unit where children can climb, explore and stimulate their imagination through fun role playing games, where they get to learn all about how insects live while having the time of their lives. By combining active play with playful learning, kids get a workout which makes them not only fitter but also a lot more aware of the natural world around them. By placing an actual play bug hotel close to the playing unit kids can get the best of both worlds by witnessing the real insects in action, after they’ve played in their own fun giant version of the bug hotel!

Giant Play Bug Hotel indoor & outdoor

Just drop off a line if you are looking for such a concept for your leisure activities. Studio STRRR creates for you a custom version of the Giant Play Bug Hotel…

The Giant Play Bug Hotel is part of the STRRR play product line

Let us know what your next family leisure project, kids club or playground will be…

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