One by one Toy Trunk

The One by One Toy Trunk

The One by One Toy Trunk is the perfect way to make a Family Hotel Room live up to it’s name.

It’s a beautiful trunk filled with a comfortable play mat and a collection of cool, captivating toys to ensure a fun and memorable experience for all families staying in the room. Assembled and designed by Stoerrr design, this great mix of toys stimulate creativity, are educational and will provide entertainment and fun for all the family.
One by One Toy Trunk

The One by One Toy Trunk concept has been designed to take up a minimum amount of space in the Family Hotel Room ( 1mtr x 1mtr) and keep the children busy while mum and dad relax. It is suitable for children aged 0-12. As well as containing kids toys, each box has a family game to ensure interaction within families and make sure the One by One Toy Trunk is enjoyed by everyone.

The One by One Toy Trunk provides a great free service for family room guests and is the added value that can make sure they keep coming back for more. Guests can order the trunk from reception or when booking the room online and check the trunk back in before leaving, so reception can inspect for damage or missing items

The trunk has 3 year guarantee and all items in the trunk should be refreshed once a year to ensure maximum customer experience. All individual items that are damaged within the 1 year period can be Re- ordered from our online store.
By adding a colourful table cloth and 2 soft cubes the One by One Toy Trunk can be transformed into a cool Easy Eating Corner for the children. Perfect for thoselazy room service breakfasts or evening meals. After they’ve finished the children can play with the cubes or simply use them as furniture.

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