Sound & Silence Play Area

Musica Impulse Centre for Music – Cultural Education Centre & Museum

Musica inspires people to take a conscious, adventurous approach to sound and music. From its position in the professional arts sector, Musica builds bridges towards education, the welfare sector and the wider socio-cultural field. By developing talents and through educational and co-creative processes, we strengthen the basis of an artistic approach to sound and musical culture. We respond to current demands and needs in cultural education and feed artistic dynamics with targeted experiments, projects, festivals and publications. With our finger on the pulse of society, we aim to offer high-quality participation in music for everyone, whatever their age or cultural and social background.

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Stoerrr designed & created the Sound & Silence Play Area for children 0-7 – Babelut


Muziekeducatie_Babelut03 Muziekeducatie_Babelut04

Muziekeducatie_Babelut05Muziekeducatie_Babelut06babelut2012_musica_vk_2905 Muziekeducatie_Babelut02babelut2012_musica_vk_3224


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